Bridges, Flyovers and Aquaducts

To construct a bridge on river Godavari is a great achievement for any bridge contractor. This particular bridge was on sangam ie. confluence of 2 rivers. The stata seen at site was exposed basalt – however actually the basalt seen was an ofshoot of a river bed carried over duration of time. The sleek slabs are due to continuous slab arrangement.

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This creek bridge is about 100 mtrs from the Arabian sea as a part of Costal Road project in Maharashtra. The total length of the bridge is 60 mtr made up of two spans of each 30 mtrs. The foundation was critical and was carried out by well sinking process. The sinking of the well had to be done to a depth of 30 mtr below the mean sea level.

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On 15 Dec 1999, there was a slab collapse of a major but old bridge across Desai creek due to weakening of masonary structure supporting the slabs. Considering the urgency of the situation, a tender was floated by the PWD Department of Govt of Maharashtra by calling selected 10 bridge contractors and we were fortunate to be awarded the work despite competition from big construction cos. Our scope included dismantling of existing bridge and reconstruction of the same at the same location. Despite high varation of tide we were successful in completion of the bridge in record time of 86 days which is still a record in creek bridges in Maharashtra.

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