This bridge is 860 mtr long ROB built within Nerul node of Navi Mumbai connecting the phase 1 and phase 2 of Nerul. The typical span of the bridge is 12.5 mtr with conventional T girder design with two obligatory span of 25 mtrs each. This bridge crosses 8 railway tracks when completed and two main road on either side of the railway track.

Anticrash barrier -first time in India was used and tested on this bridge. Now this is a common feature used on all road and bridges of the golden quadrilateral project.


Project Brief:

Total length    : 860 mtrs
Concrete quantity   : 6000 cum
Shuttering quantity   : 25000 sqm
Reinforcement quantity   : 900 mt
Span   : 12.5 & 25 mtrs
Foundation   : Open & Piling
Time period   : 12 months